"WHO-5 Well-Being Index" module released

Submitted by Barrett on Mon, 01/12/2009 - 08:20
"WHO-5 Well-Being Index" module released

"Initial work on the Drupal version of the WHO-5 Well-Being Index has been completed and I've published a working beta version of the module on the module's Drupal project page.

While this is a working release, the module is not in a finished state yet. Plans for the near future include:

  • Writing a new 'About' page rather than simply stealing text from the WHO-5 site.
  • Restructuring the questions so they are presented in a table format as they are in the original instrument.
  • Improved and prettier interpretation and score reporting
  • Ability for registered users to store their results to a table, permitting longitudinal tracking
  • Longer term, I want to get independent validation of the efficacy of the module as compared with the original version. That is, I want to make sure that the module doesn't somehow skew the scores, thus altering the translation.

One major activity at the moment is digging through the research that has been done on the WHO-5 to ensure that the instrument on which the module is based has sufficient research basis to make it really meaningful as an instrument. So far, the results of initial literature searches aren't yielding as much information as I had hoped. If it becomes apparent that there isn't a significant body of research behind this instrument, I may end up retiring the module and searching out other options.

Barrett Mon, 01/12/2009 - 08:20