Rework of OpenID Selector module


The openid_selector_inline submodule of OpenID Selector provides interface elements that replace the core OpenID input field with provider icons that users can click to authenticate to their identity provider. The module provides no real configuration options, though. When enabled, it automatically places its icons on the /user/login form and on the login block.

Yoga site/application


A couple years ago I was taking a yoga class and started thinking up a site/application I want to build. Generally, I'm envisioning a site which would:

  • List Yoga postures, including images, metatags, descriptions, instructions
  • Allow users to select postures and group them into a workout
  • Rate workouts put together by other users

Cyber Defense Force


I had an idea awhile ago, inspired by the work of Anonymous and some articles i read about the amount of unused computer cycles in American homes which go used the majority of the time. The idea is to enlist Individual computer owners to make their machines available to participate in an emergency defense force in the event of cyber-attack.